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ColorCodeIt™ – NERC Compliance Audit Automation Software

ColorCode ITis Dashboard-inspired software that gives you real-time updates on your NERC compliance status, based on indisputable metrics derived from the NERC compliance standards themselves.

  • Pre-loaded with NERC standards (updated frequently)
  • Delivers hard numbers to achieve continuous compliance
  • And more…

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NERC Compliance Simplified

  • Streamlines compliance efforts: templates are preconfigured to gaps and improvements determined during your assessment
  • Immediately ready and configured to your specific registrations
  • Compliance project management solution with DL2C templates and task-specific methodology guidance
  • Most current interpretation of NERC requirements (links are updated and maintained by DL2C)
  • Library is maintained and up to date
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Applies to both Reliability and CIP standards

Preloaded Standards and Requirements
Document Management

  • Greatly reduce the amount of overall documentation needed for NERC Compliance through an initial evaluation of existing and needed evidence items.
  • Merge and Integrate evidence in order to utilize the same documents for compliance with multiple NERC Standards
  • Multiple users can check out the same document from multiple NERC Standard maintenance areas for easy access
  • All NERC relevant verbiage has been saved in a database. Now document maintenance is a matter of a yearly survey and an automatic update which rewrites all of your documents for NERC compliance with a click of a button.
  • Evidence submission to your NERC Region is a snap with the ColorCodeIt Compiler. Select the evidence which is tracked for the latest updates and approvals and send it to a disk which is ready to mail to the Region. What used to take weeks will only require about 15 minutes.

Search, Filtering, and Views

  • Utilize canned and custom reports to easily find evidence, showing the related NERC Standards
  • Filter member cooperatives into separate views which need to submit and be evaluated separately
  • Customize your home and work screens to only view the Standards which constitute your areas of responsibility
  • Reduce your NERC activity to under 10 screens to view, which can be learned in just one day

Project Management

  • Generate automatically produced project plans and graphical reports which illustrate your compliance efforts to upper level management

Communication and Notifications

  • Send internal messages to Compliance Standard team members, enhancing work flow, and limiting extra time spent in meetings, debates, and discussions
  • Store critical information from retiring information sources, e.g. senior engineers, with a system for performing intelligent reviews.
  • Email review information to any email address outside the system in order to enhance the accuracy of the review and approval process


  • Perform a compliance survey at any time which updates your evidence documents and database. Recalibrate compliance according to the DL2C Methodology and Metrics Algorithm.

Cyber Asset Management

  • Track additions and deletions from your Cyber Asset and Protection Systems inventory lists to ensure that a complete and accurate list of evidence is being maintained for NERC Compliance

Full administrative rights

Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, Windows 7

RAM: 512 MB minimum (1 GB Recommended)

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (with SP1 or later) (redistributable package)

Download Microsoft .Net Framework for 32 bit systems

Download Microsoft .Net Framework for 64 bit systems

Find out if you have a 32 or 64 bit system

Hard Disk: Minimum 1GB of free hard disk space

Compliance Report: Microsoft Word 2000 or later

SigmaFlow Statistics: Microsoft Excel 2000 or later (with all service packs)

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