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Our History

Creating a new Results-Based Approach

Direct Line To Compliance, Inc. is a company comprised of energy IT professionals who develop successful methodologies and plans for business efficiencies, team alignment, and compliance programs.

DL2C was formed in 2009 when the energy and compliance markets searched for a consistent manner in which to secure the United States of America from its most critical sabotage threats in the energy sector.

Until this time, energy industry professionals could only guess the amount of risk which existed in their business processes and operations, with respect to compliance standards. But DL2C’s algorithm has changed that perspective. DL2C and team, investing years of experience and NERC Compliance knowledge into an algorithm designed by Michael Adeeko, Managing Partner, has eliminated the “guess work” in our client’s internal compliance programs.

Some of our clients:

  • → Vineland Municipal Electric Utility
  • → Hoosier Energy
  • → GRDA
  • → Buckeye Power
  • → Roseville Electric
  • → Sunflower Electric Power Corporation
  • → ORU

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